Data Science in Financial Markets

Machine Learning analysis and forecasting on the using Python

Staring at a wall of financial data and calculations
Crunching numbers and data, something we having in common

Recently I graduated from the Data Science Intensive at Flatiron School — it’s a program colloquially referred to as a bootcamp (or is it boot camp?). This is my first article since graduation and much has…

Careers in Data Science

Interviewing tips and resources

Wooden block spelling out “JOBS”

In we looked at networking, networking, and networking. And searching for and applying to jobs. In this installment, we look at what to do when you’ve secured an interview. How do you sell yourself and live to tell the tale?


The Behavioral / Cultural Interview

aren’t constant…

Early Careers in Data Science

A primer on tackling the job search following an immersive bootcamp

Blocks on a table spelling out “JOB SEARCH”
Image from

In my last article I described the process before the Job Search Start Date (JSSD) — the date at which the job search officially starts post graduation from the . Now that all the…

Careers in Data Science

Multitasking while finding gainful employment

How to get to this point?

Career Search

After graduating from the , we were encouraged to take some time off from coding to relax and celebrate our achievement. I took advantage of that for… a few hours? …

GameStop Time Series Analysis

A foray into Time Series Analysis using SARIMAX to predict GameStop stock price using EOD data

Ancient Asian timepiece

As mentioned in and of my series on GameStop, this is no ordinary stock. The highest short interest in history led to the first great , rising some 2000% from last year’s prices, before settling back down around $40. …

Productivity Primer for work-from-home people

Hint: It’s really about self-management

illustration of four people meditating

So you’re home because of the pandemic, or because you negotiated a sweet deal like in , or possibly something in between.

You’ve got your MacBook Pro circa 2020, or perhaps 2015, but no one has to know. You’ve got not one but two external monitors, because you…

Unusual Options Activity’s influence on stock price

How do large flows of capital in options trading impact stock price?

GameStop signage
Is there an end to this madness?

This is part 2 of my series on using data science to analyze some of the mechanics of the . Part 1 is .

As discussed last time, the rapid and seismic price fluctuations in GameStop’s stock price have had significant ripple effects on the market at large…

GME Short Squeeze — > Market Meltdown

What effect does a short squeeze have on the broader market?

GME logo with arrow pointing up and to the right

What the heck happened with GameStop?

It’s been widely reported that GameStop Corp. (NYSE: ) was the target of a that occurred between the last week of January and the first week of February of 2021.

The understanding is that various institutions (“shorts”)…

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